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ANT script good practices – few thoughts

Posted by Piotr Gabryanczyk on September 15, 2008

In general scripts should be treated as first class citizens, so they need to be simple, modular, clean, easy to read and understand and loosely coupled.

Here are some techniques which should help with it:

All the OO principles apply!

When you need custom functionality for your project i.e. custom make step – do not bloat the common files with conditional logic. Extract common stuff to macrodefs and create separate files and/or targets for custom functionality in local project directory. Basically all the OO principles apply!

Break it down and modularize

You wouldn’t like to have just one big class in your project – do the same with ant script, break it down and modularize

Stop writing generic ant targets parametrized by global properties

Replace them with macrodefs. See:

Stop using global properties

Don’t use them, unless they are really global i.e. project.name, project.version. In general they are evil as global variables and singletons are. See:

Use convention over configuration design paradigm.

What does it mean? Basically this:
Instead of writing (unneccessary abstraction and complexity):

<property name="project.dir" value="${basedir}"/>
<property name="test.result.dir" value="${project.dir}/build/testresult"/>
<javadoc dest="${test.result.dir}>

We would write:

<javadoc dest="build/testresult">

Simpler and more readable!
See more here:

Use maven-like project directory structure

This supports convention over configuration approach and simplifies your build scripts.

- src
  +- main
     +- java
     +- config
     +- scripts
     +- ...
  +- test
     +- java
     +- config
     +- ...
- lib
  +- compile
  +- runtime
     +- spring-2.0.jar
     +- jakarta-commons
        +- commons-io.jar
        +- commons-???.jar
     +- ...
  +- test
- ant (contains common ant tasks - it should be symbolic link as this scripts should be shared)
  +- ant-common.xml
  +- ant-test.xml
  +- ...
- target ( temporary directory, only RW area of the project, equivalent to build)
- modules (if the code contains modules build separately like c++)
  +- SomeNativeLib
      +- src
      +- lib
      +- ...
  +- OtherJavaModule
      +- src
      +- lib
      +- ...
- build.xml



3 Responses to “ANT script good practices – few thoughts”

  1. ittay said

    just use buildr (http://incubator.apache.org/buildr/):
    break functionality into files, classes
    write regular functions instead of macrodefs
    don’t need to rely on an implementation of functionality in Java as ant relies on tasks (but you can call any ant task)
    user normal variables, arrays and hashes. no more property hacking!
    use layouts
    use extensions

  2. Nice one, I will investigate it.

  3. tommile said

    Well, nothing much here. Just trying to be of help

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