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Web Services in Java 6 – Finally simple!

Posted by Piotr Gabryanczyk on March 30, 2007

Web services always have been pain in Java. Finally in 1.6 they work out of the box.
What a relief… Sun is changing his policy of creating complex APIs, so you can not use them until some vendor implements layer of code on top of it…

I wonder when they add first() and last() methods on the list interface…

Anyway, web services are now as simple as they should have been from the beginning. Good job Sun!

Check the link below forn simple hello world example:

One Response to “Web Services in Java 6 – Finally simple!”

  1. decoding said

    That’s a nice “hello world” example.

    Netbeans 5.5 also makes the creation of Java Web Services an easy task.
    Here is an example:

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